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F@ck it, we're Michael Myers now
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This little doll is so adorable. The stitching is done very well and the hair being made of yarn adds more character to it. I love the ...

Interesting, very Interesting. I love the intensity in his eyes. The purple contrasts with the yellows pretty well, and the flames help...

Very incredible with the detail. I love the colors that you used, especially with the reds, oranges and yellows. I love the design of h...

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Poof :iconvolclex98:Volclex98 3 11 WTF Tony :iconvolclex98:Volclex98 2 2
Crashing Down
When the world feels like it is crashing down,
A center of gravity makes us all fall towards the ground.
And when we want to smile, laugh, to just have a night on the town,
We are no longer sitting by the ones who want us around.
It has been years, ages, since I saw you,
From the moment we connected, I thought of nothing more.
Underneath the starry night, to the sky's calming blue,
I never thought I have never seen it before.
Then the eyes of yore,
We tried to make our hearts work, but let us grow apart.
Life became nothing more the just a bore,
Repeating the same step, from time's end to life's start.
Cannot blame us for crashing down,
For all the tears we shed and loves best parts,
Becoming nothing more than a joke, a fool's clown,
Tearing away what was left of heart.
We did love each other yes,
But lead cannot become gold,
An even though we tried our best,
We cannot stop it from becoming old.
That's what happens when our world starts crashing down,
Nothing left afterwards, just twir
:iconvolclex98:Volclex98 3 1
    Rules: Tagged 8 people who you want to know better and you don't have to do this.
    Star/Zodiac Sign: Leo *The giant ass cat with a shiny green gem*
    Average hours of sleep: Let's see I got bed around 11 pm. and wake up at 5 am. so about 6 hours on my good day. That is if I can avoid chat rooms.
    Lucky Number: 13 *Yes the bad or unlucky number is my lucky number, which brings me good luck, defeating the purpose of the unlucky number.*
    Last thing I googled: How to make churros and sugar skulls *Gotta do something for market day*
    Amount of Watchers: 66 *Ya'll rock by the way*
    What do I post: Well, it's random. Right now I'm in the comics part, but I also do crafts and other things. I do a lot Creepypasta, horror, but I do a lot of romantic type things as well.
    Do I run any blogs: N
:iconvolclex98:Volclex98 2 0
Frost: Sub Zero Comic Mini Series Cover :iconvolclex98:Volclex98 3 5 Man Slaughter OC Reboot (Warning) :iconvolclex98:Volclex98 2 10 TVOTCAG Reboot Intro pg2/ Page Break :iconvolclex98:Volclex98 2 10
Deam The Untamed Reboot Changes
    I have officially decided some changes in the plot of my comic Deam The Untamed. Okay some answered plot points I want to make out:
1. Deam the Untamed is connected to The Ventures of the Creepy and Gloom comic, but 10 years before the invasion.
2. Kaite in The Ventures of the Creepy and Gloom comic is very ill, she has breast cancer during the beginning part of it. Dies during the second part.
3. Louise parents are going to be in the opening prolog of the comic, since her being an orphan isn't really explained yet.
4. Diana is not going to end up with Jason, instead, she ends up having a bastard child and is going to be severely traumatized with nightmares for the rest of her life.
5. I am going to be placing more gore into the comic.
6. I not going to rush it this time, one page probably every Friday.
7. Louise will be the only survivor during my comic "Hell's Day" and becomes a mutant in the process.
8. Emma will die in Deam the Untamed, *Which I won't tell.*
9. I
:iconvolclex98:Volclex98 1 1
Youtube Channel Ideas:
    Yosh everyone, I am here to talk about my YouTube channel and the ideas for. It is going to be an arts and crafts channel where I will demonstrating different arts and crafts step by step. This ranges from the baking arts to the common arts. Now, it's been a bit rocky starting everything up at the moment, but this weekend I want to post a video of my first craft, in other words, I digging out my mic and camcorder. So here's what I need you to do: If you have a craft idea or an art idea I want you to contact my YouTube email that will be linked below. So if want to see some art and crafts, please, do submit ideas and if you enjoy the content, like or subscribe to the video. I currently have one video up right now, so if you want to check that out, here's the link down below.
YouTube Channel:
:iconvolclex98:Volclex98 1 0
Night Life Galaxy :iconvolclex98:Volclex98 4 15 Lamont and Spector :iconvolclex98:Volclex98 3 12 Gearhead OC :iconvolclex98:Volclex98 2 6 Spector OC :iconvolclex98:Volclex98 1 3 Voodoo OC :iconvolclex98:Volclex98 2 3 Abbigail (Abby) Grit :iconvolclex98:Volclex98 4 4 The Ventures of the Creepy and Gloom pg.1 Reboot :iconvolclex98:Volclex98 1 36


Lucy and Happy :iconkuromokonachan:KuroMokonaChan 245 39 Lucy-chan :iconkuromokonachan:KuroMokonaChan 388 52 Chiboplica: Saiko Kagahara :iconchibi-works:Chibi-Works 291 17 another DTA :iconchibi-works:Chibi-Works 183 5 Chiboplica: Ousho Kagahara :iconchibi-works:Chibi-Works 248 14 Vday fluff :iconchibi-works:Chibi-Works 275 21 More Vday Fluff :iconchibi-works:Chibi-Works 266 21 i eat pasta for breakfast pg. 315 :iconchibi-works:Chibi-Works 319 19 i eat pasta for breakfast pg. 316 :iconchibi-works:Chibi-Works 401 65 I eat pasta for breakfast pg. 317 :iconchibi-works:Chibi-Works 340 38 Trinket OC reference sheet :iconstickstickly1559:StickStickly1559 18 10 When someone comments on my work :iconstickstickly1559:StickStickly1559 13 125 Apothecary Ockul :iconstickstickly1559:StickStickly1559 10 0 White eyes :iconchibi-works:Chibi-Works 312 32 Plantgoids :iconchibi-works:Chibi-Works 242 14 WillDaBeard Profile Picture :iconwill-da-beard:Will-Da-Beard 10 0


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Shianne Morey
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I'll become the Queen of Horror someday. Actually, art is just a hobby to me. I'm going to become a baker, and own my farm house. I want to have have four little hens and one roaster named Red. I want at least one mama cow and one bull. Then of course I want pets. XD It's funny, I wonder how close I will get.

Sis:… and…
Most artwork done for:…,…,…,…


OC writing
Okay, these are my OCs, but the point is still valid. The main idea of this commission is if you have an OC, but don't know how to write their story, you do this commission. If you like my style of writing, I can do it for you. It is at a low price, because I realize not everyone has points everywhere. Also, my writing is going to be a lot cheaper because less material is involved. Just give me:

-Name of OC
-The background info of how the character developed
-Methods of killing (If One Does So)
-A description of how the character looks (Or if you have said image)

Note me about this, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.
Volclex's 50's
Any cartoon or fan fave to Charcter OC. For more, read the example.
Creepypasta OC or character commissions
I will design any Creepypasta character for the amount below. If you like the designs I have done with my own Creepypasta OCs, please click the commissions button. Thank you.
Birthday Requests and Character funnies/designs
I will design a birthday request with a design, name of person, and year date and shout out.
Character funnies and designs can be mine or any character really. I'm also doing galaxies, albums, and your own OCs if you like. Only $3.70 or 370 points.


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Working on more of a music angle right now.... Just thinking about the future....
  • Listening to: That's what you get when you let your heart win
  • Reading: My own song
  • Watching: Leafyishere
  • Playing: Bubble Witch Saga 3
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Chocolate Milk


That's it, I give up. On a lot of things... Yeah, I'll admit it, I'm not okay... And I don't think I'm going to be for awhile. And you don't have to care, honestly I don't want you to. But this is the only way for me to rant right now. So yes, go ahead and ignore. I just want to blow off steam; I'm at a low point, and I just.... wish things were better.... onion head 'sigh' But then again, that's not how things work. Depressed - from pack 
When you think something is finally gonna go okay, yet, it still can blow up in your face. That's why sometimes you don't try to make things work, it's just better to walk away before you get hurt again. Then again, I think I'm starting to become immune to it. Maybe it might make you regret things, but that's the chance you take.
Working on more of a music angle right now.... Just thinking about the future....
  • Listening to: That's what you get when you let your heart win
  • Reading: My own song
  • Watching: Leafyishere
  • Playing: Bubble Witch Saga 3
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Chocolate Milk
Sorry y'all.. I've been having a bit of a creators blocks lately. Doesn't help I've been busy with other things...


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